Dr. M. Charlotte Oliver devotes her life to three focuses. She provides and promotes compassion and empathy to alleviate suffering and help heal individuals and communities after trauma. She helps businesses create environments for better experiences and mental wellness for employees and employers. She helps people grow educationally and spiritually through graceful living by promoting integrity and wholeness with the understanding that sharing love with yourself and others is always best. She also lives the truth that acquiring less for yourself is more and giving to others connects us. Through her example, she shows that we plant seeds not just for this generation but so those actions will come to fruition for the next generations. There is no one I know more compassionate and caring than Dr. Oliver.
Karen Harlin
Charlotte is a wonderful soul. We first met in 2009 when our career lives crossed paths. I was instantly taken by the level of graciousness and kindness that she bestowed upon me, and from there, a life-long friendship has grown. Charlotte and I have the unique ability to sense each other’s needs, and she always seems to reach out to me at the exact moment I need a friend. We’ve worked together, and lived in different states, both for years at a time, and our friendship never waivers. Not only are we friends, but I’ve been involved with most of her professional and charity work working with and building some amazing non-profit organizations. She genuinely has the interest of the community and people at the center of all that she does. Charlotte lives by all her philosophies every day. She plays an amazing role in her passions of charity, consulting, research, psychology, and simplistic living principles. She encompasses the belief that education of the people is the key component in bringing these concepts to life in so many organizations. Charlotte is truly an inspiration! She works so hard on each one of these passions. She has dedicated herself to her studies and overcoming small setbacks to achieve her PhD. At the same time, she is dedicated to building and co-building so many wonderful organizations, which help people all around the world.
Ashlie Santini
Marketing Director