Designed for Churches, Non-Profits, Private, and Some Public Sectors, we offer Consultancies developed through I-O Psychology and Leadership Theories, for Strategic Initiatives & Visioning, Congregation and Staff Engagements, and Organizational Growth.

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Our knowledge to assist local and global altruistic organizations by providing consultancies and engagements in industrial organizational (I-O) psychology, organizational development, and humanitarian work psychology (HWP).

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For all who inhabit the planet, as representation of God's creation. Through this, we set goals each day to create areas where organizations, spiritual, and community leaders can play an integral role in making a difference in their local communities and around the world. As well as offering dynamic place to work in building God's Kingdom.

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Local and global organizations and communities in effective consultancies to create programs that can help to to eliminate global poverty, social and food injustices, as well as identifying issues in everyday communities.

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Seamless Industrial & Organizational (I-O) Psychology and Organizational Development disciplines to enhance nonprofit leadership, community building, and some corporate initiatives.

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Nurturing Potential Leaders in the Church

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Our Consultancy Model

Our work is concentrated on a mission for God's Kingdom offered through our “workroom of grace”. Within this laboratory, we collaborate and integrate new and innovative ways to improve your systems to reach the overall vision of your organization. We do this with the application of strategic and innovative methods. We invite you to enter into this amiable way of learning, doing, and improving through the implementation of new systems and thought processes while applying compassion, understanding, and creativity as a model for transformative Christian leadership.

Mondays to Fridays 8am-5pm